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10 Tips for Decorating a Small Space

Home or office on the smaller side? While you might have less area to decorate, it’s important you pay close attention to how you decorate it – so you don’t end up making it seem even smaller. Read on for our tips for decorating a small space.

1. Keep it light. Lighter-toned, neutral furnishings and bedding will help open up a smaller space. Save bright or dark colors for accents – like pillows or dining chairs – but keep the main pieces in neutral tones.


2. Paint your walls. While you want to keep things light, pure white is a no-no. Pure white walls actually give spaces a stark and cold effect, so use off-white or lighter neutral shades to brighten your home.


3. Lift it up. Avoid chunky furniture that sits directly on the ground. Instead, opt for pieces with legs that lift furniture off the ground to make the space feel more airy. Bonus: When furniture is off the ground, you’ve just landed more storage space.


4. Lengthen the drapery. Even if your windows aren’t floor-to-ceiling, that doesn’t mean your drapes can’t be! Choose floor-to-ceiling curtains to elongate windows and make the ceiling appear higher, which will instantly enlarge your space. Another tip: Who says the curtain rod has to start at the window frame? Install the rod 4-6 inches above the window frame to elongate windows even more.


5. Add a mirror. A full-body mirror adds dimension to a small space. Wall mirrors can also double as decor, and can save you money on pricey art pieces. When hanging on walls, try to install them opposite a window to brighten your home.


6. Use multi-purpose furniture. More furniture takes up more space, which makes rooms feel cluttered and small. Instead, try seeking out furniture pieces that play double duty — like a dining table/workspace or a storage trunk for a coffee table.


7. Add a rug. In studio apartments, using one large rug can help tie in all of the living zones – and will make your space appear much larger. Rugs also up the cozy factor by giving your home an added sense of warmth. Another bonus? Rugs are a great way to add a pop of color to otherwise neutral areas.


8. Make use of the walls. When adding storage space, many people think to add some kind of floor unit. But instead of taking up value area, look up! Wall shelving instantly adds extra room for storage, plus décor.


9. Leave some breathing room. Visual clutter kills your sense of space, so avoid placing furniture closely together. On shelves or other display areas, leave some spaces empty as well to open up the eye.


10. See clearly. Decorating with glass or using Lucite furniture will give the impression of openness – while still delivering the function you need.


All in all, make sure to choose pieces carefully – ones that will maximize your space, instead of cluttering it. And if you’re ready to look for a different type of space for your needs, get in touch today.

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