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Monthly Archives: November 2019

    3 Seller Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

    By BJ Brick | November 25, 2019

    Making mistakes when you sell your home can be costly – big time! Avoid these three common seller mistakes to ensure you get the best end of the deal. (Spoiler alert: We can help.) 1. Pricing Probs One of the biggest mistakes we see sellers make is incorrectly pricing their homes. Price it too high,... Read More

    How Long Should You Live in Your Home Before Selling?

    By Tommy Corbett | November 17, 2019

    Getting an itch to sell your home? Whether you’ve just moved in, have put in a few years or have lived there for decades, you might be wondering how long is the optimal time to stay in your home before selling it. According to the National Association of Realtors®, the average amount of time a... Read More

    Words Matter: Features & Keywords to Add to Your Listing Description

    By Bob Brick | November 12, 2019

    Why do some homes sell for a premium? If you’ve kept up with our blog (and why wouldn’t you??), you know there are tons of factors that go into determining the value of your home. One we haven’t talked about? Words. Zillow’s analysis of a bunch of home sales across the country (4.6M for their 2019... Read More

    10 Things in Your Home That Are Grossing Out Your Guests

    By Bob Brick | November 4, 2019

    If you’re anything like us, you undoubtedly have the best intentions when entertaining or welcoming guests into your home. The highest thread counts for the guest bedroom sheets! Fresh flowers and scented candles at every bedside! Ice-cold sparkling water and freshly baked cookies available 24/7! But let’s face it: That isn’t reality. If you’re also anything... Read More