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Monthly Archives: July 2020

    Moving Mountains One Wave at a Time: Shoreline Erosion In Northern Michigan

    By Tommy Corbett | July 29, 2020

    100 million dollars. That’s the estimated cost of necessary road repairs thanks to the coastal erosion happening in Michigan in 2020, according to MDOT representative Brad Wieferich. And, this is based on the current rate of erosion and expected weather. If erosion accelerates, this estimate could be woefully low. While roads are important, but nobody... Read More

    Who’s Buying in Traverse City? A Snapshot of Buyer Activity – Summer 2020

    By Tommy Corbett | July 22, 2020

    Take a second and think through some things that might, hypothetically, slow down a real estate market. No, seriously, we’ll wait.  If you’re like most people, you probably came up with things like, major economic uncertainty, a fundamental shift in the way that people work, or, oh I don’t know, a global pandemic?  All of... Read More

    Numbers Don’t Lie: The Northern Michigan Real Estate Market is Actually Stronger This Summer Than in 2019

    By Tommy Corbett | July 14, 2020

    Remember the summer of 2019? I know, we’re having a hard time remembering it too, but just to put things in perspective; most of us in Northern Michigan were pretty preoccupied with the Cherry Festival (Styx was playing!), there was this new thing called “vaping” we all needed to worry about, and of course, one... Read More

    5 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Your Home More Appealing to Millennial Homebuyers

    By Tommy Corbett | July 1, 2020

    Millennials and Baby Boomers don’t have a lot in common. These two demographics are the difference between Uber Eats and Sunday dinner, Tesla and Oldsmobile, the latest iPhone and the oldest flip phone. But, one place where Millennials and Baby Boomers are inextricably tied together, especially here in Northern Michigan, is the real estate market.... Read More