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Monthly Archives: July 2021

    What You Should Do Before Interest Rates Rise

    By Bob Brick | July 30, 2021

    In today’s real estate market, mortgage interest rates are near record lows. Northern Michigan banks have been offering mortgages, refinancing options, and new construction loans at eye-popping rates reaching below 3% for some borrowers. Though none of us have a crystal ball, it’s safe to say that these rates won’t remain this low forever.  Whether... Read More

    What Are Housing Market Forecasters Predicting for the 2nd Half of 2021?

    By Tommy Corbett | July 19, 2021

    It’s hard to believe, but we are solidly in the 2nd half of the year. School in Northern Michigan will be starting again in 50-some days, and we are barely more than six months away from Christmas. We know what the calendar has in store for us in this second half of 2021, but what... Read More

    7 Things B&C is Excited For During Cherry Festival 2021

    By BJ Brick | July 2, 2021

    The National Cherry Festival is a marquee for Northern Michiganders and people from across the midwest, the country, and especially in the last 10 years, across the world. Visitors come from all corners of the globe to celebrate all things cherries, to swim in Lake Michigan (and the dozens of other inland lakes within cherry... Read More