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Monthly Archives: August 2023

    About 11,000 Houses Will Sell Today

    By Tommy Corbett | August 28, 2023

    Some homeowners have been waiting for months to put their house on the market because they don’t think people are buying homes right now. If that’s you, know that even though the housing market has slowed compared to the frenzy of a couple of years ago, it isn’t at a standstill. Contrary to what you may believe, buyers are still active... Read More

    There’s Only Half the Inventory of a Normal Housing Market Today

    By BJ Brick | August 14, 2023

    Wondering if it still makes sense to sell your house right now? The short answer is, yes. Especially if you consider how few homes there are for sale today. You may have heard inventory is low right now, but you may not fully realize just how low or why that’s a perk when you go to sell your house.... Read More

    Sellers: Don’t Let These Two Things Hold You Back

    By Tommy Corbett | August 3, 2023

    Many homeowners thinking about selling have two key things holding them back. That’s feeling locked in by today’s higher mortgage rates and worrying they won’t be able to find something to buy while supply is so low. Let’s dive into each challenge and give you some helpful advice on how to overcome these obstacles. Challenge #1: The... Read More