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Monthly Archives: March 2024

    Your Home Is a Powerful Investment

    By Tommy Corbett | March 28, 2024

    Your Home Is a Powerful Investment Going into 2023, there was a lot of talk about a possible recession that would cause the housing market to crash. Some in the media were even forecasting home prices would drop by as much as 10-20%—and that might have made you feel a bit unsure about buying a home. But here’s... Read More

    Why Access Is So Important When Selling Your House

    By BJ Brick | March 21, 2024

    If you’re gearing up to sell your house this spring, one of the early conversations you’ll have with your agent is about how much access you want to give buyers. And you may not realize just how important it is to make your house easy to tour. Spring is the peak homebuying season, so opening up your... Read More

    Finding Your Perfect Home in a Fixer Upper

    By Tommy Corbett | March 13, 2024

    If you’re trying to buy a home and are having a hard time finding one you can afford, it may be time to consider a fixer-upper. That’s a house that needs a little elbow grease or some updates, but has good bones. Fixer-uppers can be a really great option if you’re looking to break into the housing market or... Read More

    Why We Aren’t Headed for a Housing Crash

    By BJ Brick | March 1, 2024

    If you’re holding out hope that the housing market is going to crash and bring home prices back down, here’s a look at what the data shows. And spoiler alert: that’s not in the cards. Instead, experts say home prices are going to keep going up. Today’s market is very different than it was before the housing crash in... Read More