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3 Seller Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Making mistakes when you sell your home can be costly – big time! Avoid these three common seller mistakes to ensure you get the best end of the deal. (Spoiler alert: We can help.)

1. Pricing Probs

One of the biggest mistakes we see sellers make is incorrectly pricing their homes. Price it too high, and your listing will likely remain on the market no matter the market conditions. But price it too low, and you’ll be cutting yourself out of the profits!

Solution: Before you list your property, make sure the price is like Goldilocks: just right. Correctly pricing your home can lead to a bidding war, often ending in an offer above asking price.

2. Attachment Issues

Home is where the heart is, which means you’ll (likely) have an emotional attachment to it. That’s perfectly normal, and perfectly okay! But where it can cause problems is if you expect buyers to see all the irreplaceable memories that you shared in it. Buyers with this kind of attachment often fail to make proper repairs that can dramatically increase the home’s value and think professional staging is unnecessary.

Solution: Make sure you’re truly ready to sell. Selling a home can be a very emotional process, so you need to be fully committed to selling. Once you’ve decided you’re all in, start thinking of your home as a business transaction.

3. Poor Marketing

You’ve listed your home, but you don’t know how to get the message out there to attract the right buyers.

Solution: Selling a home is no different than selling a product: It takes strategic, creative and well-thought-out marketing to reach the right buyers! We take pride in our unique marketing process, from high-quality photos and video to leveraging the right channels, like email and Instagram.


Common seller mistakes can cost you, and that’s why we have your back. Get in touch today if you’re ready to see how our team can help you through the home selling process.

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