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3 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Fresh

Welcome table with lavender and an antique white lamp


Does your house still excite you as much as the day you bought it … or are you feeling just plain bored?

Every few years is a good time to give your house a facelift. Before you break out into a sweat, we’re not talking about a full makeover that will set you back thousands of dollars! Sometimes all it takes is a few simple (yet effective) ideas to liven up your space and get you back into that honeymoon phase.

1. Brighten things up.

If you want your home to feel calming and refreshing, natural light is essential. Lightening or brightening up your wall colors can allow for more reflection of light, and it can help make small rooms feel larger. If you’re looking for some colors that are known for brightening things up, consider softer palettes – like lavenders mixed with white and gray accents, light yellow or blue/green bedrooms or bathrooms, soft gray hues to help create calmness, and bright white for areas that need opening up.

On the flip side, maybe you’re in need of excitement and color! In that case, opt for bolder, brighter hues – like teal, mustard or fuschia – for an accent wall or a fun pop of color. Other fun trends include mixing and matching things like color palettes, fabrics or metals, and embracing bold patterns. If you’ve longingly been eyeing that patterned wallpaper, make 2020 your year!

2. Kick clutter to the curb. 

Clutter doesn’t just make your home feel depressing and old – it actually affects your brain! According to Psychology Today, clutter bombards your brain with excessive stimuli, which causes your brain to process too much at once – leading to fatigue and stress.

No one needs more chaos, especially when you can control it. To help make your home a place to recharge and enjoy yourself, it’s time to tackle that junk. Whether you go full-out KonMarie or make up your own method, eliminating clutter can help you see your home with fresh, loving eyes.

If the very thought of de-cluttering overwhelms you, remember: You don’t have to tackle your entire home all at once! Take the process step-by-step and you’ll find that it’s not as overwhelming as it seems. Start with areas like kitchen counters and tables, your home office, jam-packed closets and that one junk drawer – and then methodically go room by room (or by category, if you’re sticking to Marie K.) until you’ve tackled your full space.

3. Make it personal.

Too many homeowners waste time thinking about what will make their home look “good” that they forget to think about what will make their home theirs. What makes you feel refreshed and excited?

Maybe you need a dedicated calming space. Carve out an area just for you (space permitting, of course) with scents, fresh flowers and comforts that recharge your spirit. Avid traveler? Scour Pinterest for inspo on how to creatively display photos and knick knacks from recent journeys to keep the excitement alive. If your dream is coziness and comfort, stock up on the plushiest pillows and blankets you can find – and even consider finally buying that overstuffed sofa or chair you’ve been eyeing for years.

Whatever your passion and style, bring it into your home – and we can almost guarantee you’ll start to love it that much more.


Your home should be a safe place where you enjoy spending time and recharging your batteries. If you’re no longer excited by what it holds – or even worse – if you feel anxious when you’re in your own home, then it’s time to make some changes.

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