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4 Home Trends to Try This Spring

From clothing to food, each new season brings with it new trends – and your home is no exception. Read on for our favorite new trends for spring 2017.

4 spring home trends_green decor

1. Going Green

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be the only time you’re green with envy. Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year boosted the popularity of light, bright shades of green – and we couldn’t be happier for a pop of color after a long, gray winter.

Start small with bright accents like pillows, lampshades or bookends, or bring nature inside with an indoor herb garden. Want to make a splash? Break out the paint! A light green accent wall makes a pretty pair for a navy or neutral room.


2. Fashion Fabrics

Crushed velvet still make you cringe? If you just can’t bring yourself to relive 90s clothing, such trends might serve you better as interior textiles. 2017 is all about mixing patterns and textures, so don’t feel like you have to go all in on just one. Interested in giving it a try? Metal finishes modernize a velvet sofa, while leather picture frames keep rooms feeling cozy.


3. Matte & Marble

When it comes to 2017’s most popular finishes, matte and marble top the list.

Matte-finished appliances, painted surfaces and more force the eye to focus on the object itself instead of its glossy sheen or reflection. Matte also adds depth to design, especially when paired with other textures and finishes.

Marble doesn’t just apply to countertops anymore. From coasters and serving trays to lampstands and end tables, a marble finish adds sophistication to nearly any room in your home.


4. Mini or Minimal

From the tiny houses to the Marie Kondo method, downsizing and de-cluttering continues to be a top trend in home décor. Though a 300-square-foot home might not be for you, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the minimalist mentality.

While it can be hard to “re-home” furniture and other pieces, minimizing your design instead puts the focus on those items you really love. Not ready to clean everything out? Make the most of your space with fold-up furniture, or seek out functional storage like a drawer-filled bedframe. (Need new options? Don’t forget – Ikea opens soon here in Indy!)


Whether or not you’re interested in try a new trend this spring (or anytime of year), the most important thing to remember when it comes to interior design is to do what makes you happy. Your home is your haven, so opt for colors, styles, textures and décor that speak to you over ones that are “in.” Because if there’s one thing that’s constant about trends, it’s that they’ll always change.

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