4 Tips for Winter Curb Appeal

Listing your place in winter months? Even though it's cold and dreary, curb appeal should still be on your mind! Read on for our advice on keeping your home's exterior as warm and inviting as the inside.



1. Keep it lit. 

With Daylight Savings Time, winter months means short days and lots of darkness. For prospective buyers driving around after work, good lighting can make all the difference. Keep walkways, porches and garages well-lit and on a timer so your home is highlighted no matter the time of day.



2. Keep it clean.

While the cold may have you running indoors, keeping the exterior clean will make your home stand out from other properties. As weather permits, give exterior walls and walkways a good pressure-washing to keep your home's true colors looking fresh and new. Trim trees and bushes for visibility, scrub outdoor windows, repair any minor fixes and consider new house numbers or a mailbox to freshen things up.



3. Watch the weather.

Promptly shovel driveways and sidewalks after snowfalls, and keep walkways save with salt or another ice-melting formula. Remove icicles from gutters and the roof, and keep an eye on possible effects from wind damage throughout the season - like fallen limbs or piles of leaves.



4. Add some color.

Amidst the gray and dreariness of winter, add some color in key spots to help your home stand out from other sellers. Consider tasteful outdoor holiday decorations, then try seasonal plants and pots on the porch or patio for a touch of green when the holidays are over. Outdoor decor like chairs, bird feeders and more can bring life to gray spaces, so incorporate as possible.


When it comes to your home, winter doesn't have to mean dead and gray! Create an inviting home for buyers by starting with the exterior, no matter the season.

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