5 Reasons to Consider Selling Your Home in the Winter

It's winter, which means you're out of luck to sell your home until the weather thaws. Right?

Not necessarily. While spring is historically the most popular time of year for selling & buying a home, it doesn't mean that's your only option. Read on for some of the reasons you might want to consider listing during winter months.

Low Inventory & Less Competition

Because many people prefer not to list their home in the winter, that could actually spell good news for you. Lower overall inventory of available homes means less competition. In other words, fewer homes will be on the market, which could drive more buyers to your listing. And that's definitely not a bad thing!

More Serious Buyers

Ever go visit an open house even though you weren't really in the market to buy? In warmer weather, you might get more traffic at open houses (or even private showings) from people who are there just for the fun of it - or who are happily looking but not quite serious about buying yet. But in the winter, that's much less common. Think about it: If a person is willing to trudge through the cold and snow to see your house, you can bet they aren't just window shopping.

Corporate Relocation

The first of the year tends to be a popular time for businesses to relocate employees. Because of this, more people in your area could be looking for their new home - and they won't be able to wait until spring to find a place to live.

Year-end Bonuses

The holiday season and year-end time is a mecca for business bonuses - and what's a better use for those funds than a downpayment on a new home? For serious buyers, the first of the year can be the perfect time to find their new home, thanks to a big new bonus sitting in their bank account.

Stronger Offers

In colder months, we typically see buyers wanting to make stronger offers when they're interested in a home. Why? Primarily, this is to avoid bidding wars like the ones we might see more of in the spring and summer.


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