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5 Tips to Maximize Your Small Space

Small house or apartment got you down? Just a few tweaks can make small spaces feel big. Read on for our tips and tricks to maximize your space!

Think multi-functional.

If your cabinets  – and even rooms – are designed for only one use, you’ll run out of space quickly. From the kitchen to the bedroom, seek out pieces than can be changed or adapted as needs arise. Some examples? Try a trunk as a coffee table for added storage, a fold-out sofa that can double as a guest bed, a kitchen table that can act as a home office desk, and more. And do the same with storage! Use the top of your linen closet for items like off-season clothing or board games.


Use decor to your advantage.

Often-heard tricks still apply for maximizing small spaces: hang your mirrors, choose light paint colors, opt for fewer – but bigger – pieces of furniture, and more. Want more ideas? Choose light, gauzy curtains to allow for as much natural light as possible; avoid dark patterns; and even consider widening doorways for an open-concept feel.


Go vertical.

If you only think about available space in terms of the floor plan, you’ll never have enough room. Instead, opt for stacked shelves in nearly any room that stretch to the ceiling to maximize storage and keep your space tidy.


Embrace “negative space.”

Graphic design principles apply nicely to interiors! Avoid the temptation to cover every inch of your home with furniture and decor to allow for room to breathe. It may take some editing, but it’ll make all the difference.


Think  before you buy.

Small spaces can easily become crowded. Before making a purchase, visualize exactly where that piece can go in your home, and if you’ll need to get rid of something else to make room. And keep tabs on your items! If you haven’t used something in over a year, consider storing elsewhere (like a storage space or a friend’s basement) or selling/donating to someone who will use it more regularly.


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