5 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

The boxes are packed, the movers are booked, and you’re on your way to moving into your new house. But how do you go from “house” to “home”? Here are some tips for quickly settling into a new place.

Do the big things first.

Does your new place have big fixes on the horizon, like knocking down walls for an open floorplan, replacing old flooring or remodeling the kitchen or bathroom? If you take these projects on after moving in, your house won’t feel like a home – it will feel like a construction zone! If it’s possible, determine the big projects that can be completed before moving in. (And if you need a contractor, make sure to ask your agent for referrals.)

Get in on the action.

If you have the time and ability, taking on some minor projects is a great way to acquaint yourself with your new house, and to put your own touch on it. Projects like refinishing hardwood floors, installing new tiles and painting allow you to bring your own style to your home – and they’re easier to take on while you’re living in the space. (Just make sure the movers stash furniture and decor in other rooms so you don’t have to move items twice.)

Add your personality.

Moving day is the best opportunity to spice up your blank canvas. Never again will you see your house so empty and ready to become a home! Consider mixing the old and new, by combining your history (like photos, heirlooms, books or cherished gifts) with any new furniture, textiles or decor your new space might warrant.

Meet the neighbors.

A house becomes a home both inside and out. If you’re in a new area, get out of the house with the family to explore! Check out nearby amenities (like the bank and grocery store, and places for entertainment), and take a walk around the neighborhood to learn the layout. And don’t forget to introduce yourself to your new neighbors!

Throw a house-warming party.

Once you’re settled, a house-warming party is a great way to “break in” your new place, connect with family & friends, and start getting to know your new neighbors. But don’t feel obligated to go all out! A barbecue, a pitch-in or even a pizza party will be just as inviting as something fancy.


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