6 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home

    Spring has sprung, which means it’s selling season! But before you list your home for sale, you likely need to make some updates so it’s ready for prospective buyers. Read on for six things to do before listing your home for sale.

    Remember First Impressions

    The exterior of your house is the first thing prospective buyers will see when driving up – and you’d better make sure it makes a good impression. Pay attention to the typical places associated with curb appeal — such as a mowed lawn and neat landscaping. But don’t forget other areas of your house as well. If your home’s exterior is looking dingy, consider powerwashing – and perhaps even a fresh coat of paint on the trim. Wash or sweep any walkways, porches/patios or stoops, shake out the welcome mat and even take a look at the mailbox. As long as structural integrity isn’t an issue, most exterior updates can be done inexpensively – and with just a touch of elbow grease.


    Pay Attention to the Little Things

    Little things can make a big impact when it comes to potential buyers. Take stock of any burned-out or missing lightbulbs, loose handles and worn or scratched hardware, and make little updates throughout your home prior to listing.


    Think Like Mr. Clean

    What buyer can envision their future in a dirty, dusty home? Before listing, and especially before showing, grab your rubber gloves and deep clean your home’s interior. Degrease the kitchen, dust all surfaces (even the ceiling fans, corners and window sills!), bleach those toilet rings, and wipe down windows, mirrors and counters so the place sparkles and shines.


    Cut the Clutter

    If you’ve never met a flat surface you didn’t want to cover with stuff, now’s the time to get into the clear. Stash, store or trash items like piles of magazines, toys, clothing, coats, kitchen appliances and other items you can do without until you’re settled in your new place. After you’ve de-cluttered once, the trick is to keep it that way until the offer is on the table. Make sure each item has its own “home,” but resist the urge to simply shove items in closets or drawers – which brings us to…


    Maximize Your Storage

    Drawers and closets mean storage, a top area buyers are concerned with when considering a new home. As you pick up around the house, don’t just shove belongings in the guest room closet or the junk drawer, because chances are, that’s one of the first spaces buyers will look. Since you’ll be packing your belongings to move anyway, get started now. Pair down items in closets, cabinets, the pantry and other storage areas – and even spots like kitchen and bathroom counters – so spaces look neat and organized. Keep spaces looking filled but not stuffed, so buyers can easily imagine their own belongings fitting the space.


    Take Yourself Out of It

    You don’t want buyers to only remember your home because of your overwhelming collection of clown figurines, right? When preparing your home for listing, you want buyers to envision themselves and their own possessions in the space – which means they’ll need to be able to easily see past your belongings. Pack away personal items that could distract from the space to neutralize it, which can even include family photos, overly bold artwork or decor, and more.


    Overwhelmed by the thought of listing your home for sale? Don’t go it alone – that’s what we’re here for. Contact us today to learn how the experts at Corbett & Company can make all the difference when you’re selling (and buying) your next home.



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