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6 Tips to Beat the Heat (Not Your Wallet)

Summer means ice cream, vacations and…sky-high energy bills. Consider these six items in your house to help lower your monthly bill!

1. Thermostat

Though super hot days get tricky, try to keep your thermostat as high as is comfortably possible to keep energy levels even. If possible, stick to a range of 76-78 degrees – and use your ceiling fan to keep air circulating.

2. Windows

If nights are cool – especially after a pop-up storm – turn off the A/C and open the windows to cool things off inside. The next morning, make sure to close windows and lock them for a tight seal to trap in the cool air as soon as you get up. Throughout the day, keep blinds closed as much as possible to block sunlight from warming up your rooms.

3. Ceiling Fans

When paired with your thermostat, ceiling fans can keep air circulating throughout your home and make you feel cooler. But only keep them on when you’re in the room! Like lighting, switch fans off when leaving a room or your house altogether to lower energy costs.

4. Appliances

Time of day makes a difference for energy consumption! Try to wait until evenings to do laundry or run the dishwasher – and if you can, run loads on cold water instead of hot (cold consumes less energy). And even if they aren’t being used, all appliances consume energy. (Here’s looking at you, toaster!) So if you aren’t using it, keep any unnecessary appliances unplugged at all times.

5. Vents

You might think closing vents in unused rooms helps your A/C – but it’s actually the opposite! Shutting vents makes your A/C unit work harder to keep the rest of your house cool, so leave them open in all rooms.

6. Yourself!

Keeping yourself as cool as possible through clothing and hydration will make you less likely to crank down the temperature in your house. Wear clothes that wick away sweat and keep ice cube trays filled so a cold drink is easy to access.


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