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6 Ways to Make Your Home More Inviting

Planning for guests? Want your home to be the go-to for parties and get-togethers? Make sure your home is inviting! Read on for our tips on how to make it so.


First things first: If you don’t have enough space for guests to hang out, eat or lounge, they might not be as likely to stick around. Decluttering your home is a great way to make more space for guests. Start with high-traffic areas like living/family rooms and the kitchen, and do your best to weed out items you don’t use on a daily basis. For knick knacks, books and magazines, consider wall shelving or bookshelves to save space on coffee and end tables (or eliminate the tables altogether). If your furniture takes up too much room and isn’t needed for a party, consider moving them temporarily to an out-of-sight area so guests have more space to hang out.

Keep the kitchen clear, too. Guests love to congregate around places with food, though a small kitchen piled with chairs and people will seem overly crowded. If you want to keep traffic flowing, keep seating in the kitchen to a minimum to direct guests into other areas of the house.


Probably a no-brainer, right? But it has to be said: Guests likely won’t want to hang out in your pad if they’re grossed out by stains or smells. Add a regular weekly cleaning to your calendar to hit the regular areas of your house, and consider a deeper cleaning once a month for things like shampooiong carpets, degreasing the kitchen, tackling the shower & more. (Side note: If you have pets, kids or other messy beings in your home, you might want to consider a more regular deep-cleaning, too. #sorrynotsorry)

And never underestimate the power of a good smell! We love a good seasonal scent burner, so long as it isn’t too overwhelming. And don’t forget the bathroom: Items like this can make all the difference!


If your guests leave with shin bruises over banging into the furniture, it’s a good sign your home is a bit too dark. Good lighting can go a long way – but make sure it’s at the right level! Too bright, and your guests will feel like they’re attending a party at the supermarket (and come on … who looks good in fluorescent lighting?!). Too dark, and they won’t be able to see – or could even take a snooze on your nicely vacuumed couch. Opt for dimmable LED lights to create a warm and inviting feeling, and add some candles (unscented if you have a lot) for an additional glow.


Face it: Guests want to be comfortable when they come over! If you want to become the go-to spot for football games, game night and holiday parties, you’ll need to invest in comfy furniture. And spoiler alert: You’ll feel more comfy in your own home, too! If you have the space, try a cushion-y sectional couch with additional armchairs for more seating options. You might even want to consider having a few oversized, quality beanbag chairs on hand for additional guests.


Make your life easier in warmer months by moving the party outside! The right outdoor space allows for eating, lounging and entertainment that’s intimate yet not crowded. For outdoor entertaining, you’ll want an outdoor furniture set, space to play games in the yard (like cornhole or badminton) and a fire pit for cooler summer nights. Don’t forget the outdoor lighting, either! Stringlighting overhead paired with outdoor lamps or exterior lighting can create the perfect glow.

Pro tip: The end of warm weather is the perfect time to purchase outdoor items on clearance. When the temps start to drop, head to your favorite store for summer items at a (typically) deep discount.


Finally, your home should be a reflection of you – so don’t lose out on your own personal touches! Love fresh flowers? Make it a point to keep them in/around your house all year long. Have a signature cocktail? Don’t host a party without making a fresh batch. Want coziness before everything else? Stock up on soft, fluffy blankets so they’re always within reach of guests (and yourself). Whatever you love, make it your signature!

Want more tips & tricks on getting your home ready for guests? Ready to look for a new space altogether? Let’s grab coffee and catch up today.

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