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7 Things to Do Before Move-In Day

Closing on your new home? Congratulations! While you might be inclined to start the move-in process ASAP, checking off a few to-do’s first can set you up for long-term success. Read on for hassle-saving tips on what to do before moving in your new home.

1. Take a deeper look and plan the space.

Sure, you toured the home before you bought it – but do you know where the fuse box is located? What about water and gas shut-off valves? How do you work the garage door or preloaded security system? Do an in-depth tour of your new space before you get in and get settled in the off chance you need a room or area to be reserved for something specific – and to avoid a disaster in the long-run. Once you know your new home better, make a plan – on paper or in your head – for each room and area to make the move-in process more efficient.

2. Spruce up the interior.

Planning to change paint colors or lay hardwoods? If you don’t have to be out of your old place right away, make these crucial updates before moving in your furniture. Think about it: Is it easier to relocate or cover upholstery or start with a completely bare space? While it might prolong your move-in date, making planned major interior updates prior to moving will make the entire process more efficient – plus it’s one less thing to worry about once you’re unpacked and settled.

3. Deep-clean carpets, kitchens and bathrooms.

Your sellers would have kept your new home in pristine condition while showing it, but between accepting your offer and closing, there’s plenty of time for dust to collect. Any besides, no one can clean a house like you can, right? Before you have to clean around furniture or countertop appliances, deep-clean as many surfaces and fabrics as possible to start off on the right foot.

4. Clean out drawers and cabinets.

The move-out process is just as tedious as moving in, so it’s easy for some sellers to leave unwanted items behind. At the very least, this gives you a chance to wipe leftover crumbs out of drawers and cabinets – while you get more familiar with your new storage space.

5. Change the locks.

It seems like a no-brainer, but changing the locks is all too easy to forget! While you’ll receive your house keys at closing, you never know how many copies previous owners had made – and you definitely don’t want a stranger barging in during the night (or anytime of day, for that matter!). But don’t simply re-key the locks: Get all new hardware on all exterior-access doors.

6. Set up your security system.

Why wait to feel secure in your new space? Though you might not know all the nooks and crannies of your new home, get the basics of your security system set up as soon as you can – especially if third-party vendors (think contractors, electricians, utility providers, movers, etc.) will be through your home. If previous homeowners have a system already in place, make sure you reset the system’s access.

7. Get to know your neighbors.

If you aren’t familiar with your new area, having a few new friendly faces will be vital to learning the neighborhood’s best-kept secrets. Make a quick introduction on move-in day or before to start making your family at home.

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