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8 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home in Winter

Once the coziness of the holidays wear off, January and February tend to leave you feeling “blah.” Check out our tips for brightening, lightening and cheering up your home this winter!


1. Bring outdoor lights in.

Un-decorating from the holidays? Leave up strands of white lights (or ones featuring super chic Edison bulbs) for a cozy, cheerful feel. Hang a string in a tall potted plant, or drape them around windows or on the mantel.


2. Take the screens off your windows.
Get the full force of the sun by taking off the screens! In winter months, store screens in your garage or basement where they won’t get damaged, and you’re ready to get about 30% more sunlight shining indoors (and maybe even save on your electric bill) with natural warmth and light.


3. Keep windows clean and clear.

While we’re talking about windows, take steps to trim back branches and bushes that block light … and give them a good scrubbing while you’re outdoors! Whether foliage or dirt and grime, make sure nothing blocks your windows’ abilities to bring in natural light.


4. Rethink window coverings.

Also on the topic … get rid of those dark curtains! Heavy fabric curtains may insulate your space, but they also can make rooms feel smaller (and darker). Instead, try blinds with a valance or Roman shades to let in natural light all year long.


5. Lighten up decor.
From walls to art to fabrics, light-colored decor makes your home feel open and airy. If you’re going big, try light-colored paints or light woods for furniture and floors. For a smaller update, try white or gray slipcovers on furniture and light-colored rugs on the floor.


6. Change out lightbulbs.
Used to soft yellow lighting? Replace old bulbs with bright white LEDs for a cool, light feel that’s more spring than winter.


7. Try a new front door.

If your solid front door makes your entryway feel dark and gloomy, find a version with glass insets that let in natural light. Bonus? An updated front door helps with curb appeal, and seeing light inside can boost your mood when you come home in the dark evenings.


8. Bring on the green.
Spring will come back … but until then, bring the season indoors! Add potted plants around your home – especially near sunny windows – for a touch of nature and springtime bliss.


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