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Avoid These 5 Packing Mistakes

Hate moving? Who doesn’t! The packing, cleaning and physical labor is enough to make anyone shudder. But there are a few ways to make the move a bit easier – starting with packing. Here are a few mistakes to make sure you avoid with packing.

1. You start too late.

Ever think, “It won’t take more than a few days to pack our house – we can put it off!” … only to end up scrambling at the last minute? Even if you have a small home or apartment to pack up, the process takes awhile. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to make a mess of packing – which means unpacking will be just a horrible.

Instead, make a plan as early as possible. By starting the process early, you can methodically go room by room (starting with those you use least-often, like the guest room), packing up each room or area over the course of a day or two. This also gives you more opportunity to declutter or toss/donate items you haven’t used in ages, meticulously label your boxes, and more.

2. You forget to label.

Just as important as starting early? Detailed labels! Even if your memory is impeccable, your belongings will be stashed and taped inside cardboard boxes that probably all look the same – so remembering would be next to impossible.

As you’re packing each room, label boxes by their contents and room location so they’re delivered to the correct spot in your new home.

3. You skimp on moving supplies.

Reusing boxes and containers is a great way to save some cash (and the environment) – but only if the supplies is quality. Cardboard breaks down easily, and most items won’t last more than a move or two. The last thing you want to store your belongings in is a box that can’t get from point A to point B!

Before packing, give reused boxes or containers a good inspection to make sure they’re strong enough to hold up to whatever you’re storing inside. You might even want to consider purchasing new boxes for fragile items (like dishes, glassware, etc.) to ensure you have the best storage possible. If purchasing, make sure to grab an assortment of sizes to fit various items and needs. Besides boxes, also consider packing materials for fragile items, like bubble wrap.

4. You pack boxes too heavy (or too light).

You may have superhuman strength – but that doesn’t necessarily mean your boxes do! Packing boxes to the brim with super heavy, dense items (like books, for example) will only increase the changes of boxes breaking en route. In general, try to keep boxes lighter than 50 pounds – even if you’ve hired professional movers.

On the other hand, boxes packed with too much empty space are likely to shift – which can mean broken or cracked belongings. If you have extra space, fill it with bubble wrap or newspaper to make sure items are secure.

5. You don’t declutter.

Packing and moving items you’d do better to trash or donate will only take up valuable space – and for no reason! There’s no better time to go through old belongings than during the packing and moving process. As you’re packing, make piles of items to toss or take to Goodwill. You’ll have less to pack (and load and unload), and it’ll make the whole thing a lot easier.

Happy moving!

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