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Cheap and Easy Staging Tips

When selling your home, impressions are crucial. Enter the staging process. Though some may opt for a professional, there is plenty you can do on your own to stage your space for potential buyers. Read on for our cheap and easy staging tips.

1. Make it (not) personal.

Buyers want to envision themselves in the home – not your family. Pack up family photos, memorabilia, personal keepsakes and more that might distract prospective buyers. If a room is heavily themed in a subject you love (say, a sports team), consider making the space more neutral before showings begin.


2. Show off your storage.

Buyers typically seek out extra storage space, so fully expect all closets to be opened and shelves to be analyzed. Leave closets half-full to show off storage availability; tidy up cluttered spaces like junk drawers, basements and garages; and even consider housing some of your belongings in short-term storage facility to reduce clutter overall. In the kitchen, shelve appliances to maximize counter space, and keep drawers and cabinets neat and tidy.


3. Clean it up.

Your typical house cleaning routine might not be enough for potential buyers, so consider hiring the pros for a professional cleaning before the first showing – including a steam clean of carpeted spaces. Don’t forget items like light fixtures and ceiling fans and kitchen cabinets, either! Keep areas neat and tidy by packing up each room by about 30% to reduce clutter and create a more open feel. If needed, rearrange furniture in living and bedrooms for a better flow.


4. Give them a warm welcome.

From the curb to the doorstep through the foyer, consider each step of a potential buyer’s journey through your home – starting wit their first impression. Keep the lawn mowed, the landscaping trimmed, the sidewalk and porch swept and the foyer welcome and opening to make your home feel warm and inviting.


5. Make the quick fixes.

Take the time to update and fix the small stuff. Replace lightbulbs (both those that are out and those that need a brighter bulb), check window treatments, oil creaky doors and tighten or replace loose screws so the space feels move-in ready.


6. Spruce things up.

Make your home feel “new” to potential buyers by replacing shower curtains, keeping towels fresh and opting for new/unused soaps in fresh fragrances. In dining areas, set the table and/or bars to help buyers imagine living at the property. And don’t forget strategically placed candles and flowers as finishing touches!


7. Prioritize bigger needs.

In some areas, renovations might be unavoidable – like chipped paint, stained carpet and poor drainage. Talk to your realtor about the updates that are mandatory before listing or showing your home – or at least to prepare you if buyers request updates prior to purchasing.


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