Creating the Ultimate Guest Bathroom

Entertaining guests this summer? No matter the time of year, a few personal touches can help them feel at home – and help them relax. Before they arrive, take time to prepare your guest bathroom with our tips below.

Stock Up on Essentials

The less a guest has to pack, the easier their prepping and stay at your place can be. Help them out by thinking through the toiletries and essentials they’ll need while at your home. Stock up on shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothpaste/floss and lotion, and even consider items like extra toothbrushes, tampons and sanitary napkins, combs, razors and extra bedroom slippers. One item you definitely can’t skimp on? Toilet paper! Make sure you have plenty of rolls stashed in the guest bathroom so there’s no danger of running out.

Think Like a Hotel

Hotels have just about everything you need away from home … so why not channel the same energy for houseguests? Think about the presentation – like a welcome basket of toiletries or even little candies or chocolates. Stash an extra hairdryer (and any other styling tools you have available) so they don’t have to pack one themselves. An extra fluffy robe and some fresh flowers are great added touches!

Leave Some Storage Space

It can be hard to find items stashed away in a suitcase, so make sure to leave space in the bathroom (as well as the guest bedroom) for guests to spread out their belongings. Before they arrive, clear the bathroom counter so they have room for their toiletries. If they’re staying more than a night or two, they’ll also appreciate a drawer or a basket for stashing their stuff – as well as extra hangers and a laundry bag.

Towels, Towels, Towels

Just as important as toilet paper are towels, towels, towels! Always have a stash of clean towels on hand for your guest bathroom. Try to have at least two full sets of towels (one bath towel, hand towel and washcloth each) ready for guests at any time – which will save you if unexpected guests are staying over! If possible, don’t go cheap – get soft, fluffy towels that your guests will really appreciate.


Happy hosting!