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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Best Home Yet


Tired of resolutions you dump by the end of January? A new year can be a fresh start for anything – including your home. Check out our top home improvement resolutions for 2020 and beyond.

1. Get (and stay) organized.

Don’t wait for spring to finally get your home in tip-top shape. Now’s the time to finally declutter your space to start the year off fresh.

Start with the rooms or spaces you typically use as your go-to storage areas, like closets, guest bedrooms, the garage or basement. In each room, create bins or piles for items to keep, trash and donate. Important: For each item you choose to keep, make sure you know why you’re keeping it and where exactly it will go.

Need a little extra storage space? Don’t overestimate the power of accessories (like bins, shelves, etc.) or hidden spots like under the stairs and the tops of closets. Keep up your organization all year long by thinking critically about new purchases.

2. Treat the planet and your wallet.

Is your house (or family) eating up energy like it’s going out of style? The environment and your bank account will thank you when you reevaluate your habits and find ways to cut back.

Curb energy use by starting with your HVAC ductwork. Holes and loose connections can cause heating and cooling leaks, which waste loads of energy. Sealing and insulation can make a world of difference, making your home more comfortable in all seasons and extending the life of your furnace and A/C.

Reducing your water use is as easy as keeping an eye on the clock. Use a timer to trim showers, and try not to keep the faucet running while brushing teeth or doing the dishes. Easy DIY products also help water use – like low-flow showerheads and toilets.

3. Start a budget.

Homes are expensive. Though you might keep good track of regular monthly bills (like utilities and insurance), it’s easy to forget about budgeting for home improvements or unforeseen expenses. Create a yearly budget for improvements and maintenance to prevent overspending, and stash away funds on a monthly basis for major replacements you might encounter down the road (like roofing, exteriors and appliances).

4. Learn a new skill.

Enhance your knowledge by trying something new this year – that also benefits your home. Try a new DIY project, plant a garden or even take a class in home finances to be a more informed home owner.

5. Spend more time with your family.

Make home improvement projects a family affair! Paint your mailbox or a room, plant a tree, make emergency preparedness kits or create new artwork for a special spot in your house. Pick a project the whole family will enjoy, then involve the kiddos in tasks from shopping and planning to doing.


Make 2020 your best home-owning year yet! And if you’re looking or listing, contact us today.

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