Style Report: Rustic Refined

    There’s a reason we “go home for the holidays.” Home to many people invokes memories, comfort and restoration.

    In the summer, our home life tends to be more periodic: sleep, laundry and gather our things for the next destination (pools, parks & patios!).  But in the colder months, we find ourselves lingering in bed a little longer, calling it a night a little earlier just for the comfort and warmth of our homes.

    Some long for the colder months and the acceptance of staying in to nourish our bodies and minds to brave the winter weather…when we have to. 

    So as the weather turns chilly, it’s time to gather around the hearth and take in some of our favorite ways to indulge in the rustic (but stylish) life. (We promise, it’s not all barn doors and Ball jars!)

    Photo cred: @bigleathercouch

    Thick Wools, Leathers & Tweeds

    Cold weather means layers and thick fabrics. You’re probably used to layering your clothing – and you can also bring the look into your home. Layer a weathered leather couch with throws in plaids and heavy wools.  Add a wingback chair upholstered in our favorite way to look chic and “undone” at the same time with tweed!

    Cheap thrills:  leather coasters, candles scented in tobacco or bourbon, vintage books bound in leather or leather tones.


    Think Outside 

    Bringing the outside in is one of my favorite aspects of rustic decor. Think layering barn wood a la ship lap on one wall in your den or stack a pile of birch stems by the fire. And an exposed brick wall brings a stylish rustic feel to any room.

    2018 on trend: Forget the bear skin—opt for a faux antelope print rug to really stand out and soften a room.


    Photo cred: @mela_mtg_

    Hot Toddy

    Cognac, caramel and nutmeg all sound like a fall favorite cocktail … but have you considered pairing these delicious browns and orangey hues with your walls, a woven wall hanging or a vase with a few sprigs of dried wheat? Let these rich tones warm up your home this season through decor and more.

    My faves: For a drool-worthy paint color, check out Sherwin Williams in Pennywise. Also try handmade pottery (I’m a sucker for terra-cotta anything), Ornately carved or bluntly designed wooden furnishings can both also contribute to the look.


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    Cabin Feeeeels

    Another cold weather loves? The cabin life! (Think camping but with running water.) Make your home just a little rough around the edge while perfectly comforting: Try a cedar dining room table, black bear and pine tree prints, or antlers, antlers and more antlers! Or consider a southwestern approach (that hits home for me as a part-time New Mexican): exposed beams, Native American influences, baskets, dried corn, heirloom squash and gourds.

    Easy peasy: Pile a handful of pine cones in a hurricane vase with a few pomegranates and mandarines littered about for your dining centerpiece! (Bonus: Tangle battery-operated led string lights for a darling dinnertime glow & skip the candle.)


    My Fave Shopping Spots for All Things Rustic

    Some of my fave spots: Try Etsy, PendletonAnthropologie, Target, HomeGoods or World Market.

    Staying local? You have TONS of options! In Midtown, try James Dant: A Store for MenHausLoveDawson & DaisySurroundings or Plenty Lifestyle. Heading to Mass Ave? Check out Chatham HomeYou also have tons of antique stores, vintage shops & flea markets – so get out and walk around!

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