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Trend Alert: 6 Tips for Using Bold Patterns

One of our favorite recent trends? Big, bold patterns! From florals and stripes to plaids and more, this trend is all about big, oversized patterns in your space. Here are tips on how to incorporate this trend into your space!

Embrace wallpaper

Blank walls are blasé today! One of the best interior design trends for 2019 is mesmerizing wallpapers. This year, think beyond the painted accent wall: Patterned wallpaper is a great way to add an interesting twist to dull living spaces. An added bonus: Bold, decorative wallpaper can replace the use of artwork for wall décor, which can save you some big bucks! Think featured landscape scenery, abstract shapes, and colorful geometric patterns.

Try it tropical

Palm patterns are on Elle Décor’s hot list, and we can see why! Try it on embroidered pillows, perched in a vase on a pillow or (again) as a fun wallpaper. This versatile trend pairs well with many hues and themes, like bold navies and luscious golds or paired-down earth tones.

Small space, big impact

Dramatic prints don’t require massive spaces! In fact, incorporating large-scale patterns into a small-scale space can make a much bigger impact than you might think. Add graphic patterns through drapes, artwork, pillows or rugs to maximize the use without overwhelming a small area. Try blending light and darker hues, too.

Make a great first impression

Saturated prints like graphic florals in entryways and high-traffic areas can be the perfect place to introduce extra color and personality. Try fun prints and pops of color in the way of fabrics, rugs or artwork for an eye-catching welcome to your home.

Live in layers

For a true designer look, layer in multiple patterns! A multi-colored patterned or floral wall covering gives you lots of options to coordinate other colors within your space. Mix in a variety of textures and colors, and your room will look like it was designed by a pro.

Start slow

Love the idea of bold patterns but aren’t quite ready to dive in headfirst? Use solid colors in larger areas and bring in patterns as accessories or through textiles. As you get used to the design, you can incorporate more patterns through things like furniture or flooring to serve as the focal point of the space.

What patterns are you loving? Happy decorating!

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