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Why It’s Vital To Price Your House Right

Pricing Your House Right Is Crucial Even in a Sellers’ Market

Lean on a Professional’s Expertise To Price Your House Right

A local real estate advisor is knowledgeable about:

  • The value of homes in your neighborhood and specific neighborhood attributes
  • The current local market conditions & demand for homes
  • The desirability of local amenities, school districts, neighborhoods etc. that can justify pricing variations
  • The pricing strategies needed for best success
  • The current local and statewide legislation that could impact home values
  • The actual updates and upgrades made to your home
  • The functionality of your home and caretaking practices
  • The condition of your house, any maintenance concerns, and how they may affect the value

A real estate professional will balance all of these factors to make sure the price of your house makes an ideal first impression; giving you the greatest return on your investment in the end.

Bottom Line

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