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Your Fall Outdoor Checklist

As the weather gets colder, yard work might be one of the first things to “fall” off your to-do list. Actually, autumn is one of the best times to improve your lawn, trees, shrubs and garden in ways that will pay off next spring and summer. And while the ground is still warm, these next few weeks are the best time to start plants for the spring!

While you dig out your sweatshirts and sip a Pumpkin Spice Latte, read on for our fall yard work tips to prep your lawn for winter and beyond.

Clean, Weed and Fertilize Beds

When your plants have called it quits, it’s time to clean out and weed your garden and landscaping areas. While the ground is still warm, turn the soil to save on labor in the spring. For beds, finish up with a layer of fertilizer or manure.

Mow, Rake and Fertilize the Lawn

Don’t put up your mower just yet! Keep mowing once a week or so until grass has stopped growing – and, of course, don’t forget the rake. If your mower has a mulching mode, use it to chop grass and leaves more finely. If you’re doing it by hand, remove leaves by raking them up for bagging or composting.

And don’t forget to fertilize! Fall fertilizing helps keep your yard healthy and cuts down on the time it’s brown and ugly. If fertilizing, do it twice – once after Labor Day, and the second time around your last mow of the year.

Mulch & Plant

After fertilizing, lay a layer of leaves or straw on your beds and mulch around trees and shrubs. Now’s even a great time to plant spring-blooming plants, trees, shrubs and vines. Just make sure to lay more mulch after the soil freezes to prevent the soil around plants from thawing and refreezing. And don’t forget to water! Though it’s getting colder, plants still need water to grow. Help your plants and trees enter colder months with enough moisture to keep them happy.

Trim & Shape

Plants or trees getting unruly? Trim and shape them up before it gets too cold to be outside. Prune lightly now for minimal shaping, which will set you up for prime trimming time: late winter to early summer.

Clean & Prep Tools

When yard work time is over, don’t forget the final step – cleaning up your tools! Disconnect outdoor hoses, roll them up and store them away to prevent freezing. Clean, sharpen and oil your garden tools in preparation for spring, and clean and service mowers and weedeaters. You’ll be grateful you did when the weather gets warm again!

Just a little work now will pay off next spring and summer – or if you’re thinking of looking or listing soon. Get in touch today!

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