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eBook – Real Estate In The Wake Of Corona Virus

Real Estate in the Wake of the Corona Virus

eBook by Brick & Corbett


Buying and selling during an uncertain time can be nerve-racking. When the national, regional, and local economies are still sorting themselves out in the wake of coronavirus, a lot of buyers and sellers are left wondering exactly how to proceed. But, there are still some great opportunities for both buyers and sellers in Northern Michigan. By educating yourself with the best information, preparing yourself for the likely market conditions, and partnering with a trusted and experienced real estate team like Brick & Corbett, you can make sure you’re getting the best price and terms for your next purchase or sale, and in the quickest time possible.


What you will find in this eBook:

1. Make sure you’re financially prepared.
2. Start with a visual showing.
3. Putting a property under contract … digitally.
4. Vetting your property: inspections, walk-throughs & more.
5. Final steps to closing your property.


1. Prepare your property for listing.
2. List your home for sale.
3. Get your property under contract.
4. Coordinate the post-contract activities.
5. Close the sale of your home.

eBook - Real Estate in the Wake of Corona Virus
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