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Stats at a Glance

$85M in Sales

250+ Homes Sold

#1 Agent, Grand Traverse Co.



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Our Marketing Plan

We do more from For Sale to Sold. We personally invest more money into our listings than our competition,
which means a quicker sale and a higher price. Our marketing plan is the product of ten years of listing experience
and painstaking research of what really matters to homebuyers and how to best execute it.





1.  Pricing Analysis


Correctly pricing your home leads to fewer days on the market, less disruption to your life, and the maximum price.

Each new listing creates a buzz in the local real estate community and the right price will attract more buyers to your home.  When a home is priced in line with recent sales data, interested buyers recognize its value and submit offers near the list price.

To recommend the right list price, we pore over the recent sales and present you with a customized Comparative Market Analysis (not a standardized report generated from the MLS) that considers the nuances of neighborhoods, streets, and homes. We review the information with you and, together, we decide the most effective list price.





2.  Make It Shine

Whether you’re moving out of your first starter home or the home you raised your children, there are certain steps you can take to best prepare your property to sell. Prepping a house is an investment—both in time and money. You must consider everything from minor repairs to aesthetic design and www. It’s well worth the time and effort it takes to address every corner of your home.

We’ll put together a staging recommendations report, which includes specific strategies to help you get your home ready for the market. We’re confident you will be rewarded with a sparkling, sellable home.

A few general tips include:

  • Replace burnt out light bulbs.

  • Patch holes.

  • Repaint and touch up trim. (Neutral colors have a broad appeal.)

  • Maximize the space of your home by rearranging or removing furniture to give your layout better flow.

  • Deep clean home for listing and continually tidy for every showing.

  • See more tips in our full listing booklet.






3.  Architectural Photography

One of the best ways to differentiate your home from the rest of the market is superior photography. Knowing the vast majority of buyers search for homes online, we heavily invest in the photographs of our listings in order to showcase your home in the best possible light. We hire a professional, architectural photographer to deliver high-end photos at our expense – and we’ve found it’s worth every penny!

See for yourself: The photos below are the same room – but the right photographer makes all the difference. In the photos on the left (from another agent), the rooms are dark and look old or dingy. Our photographer highlights the architecture, takes advantage of natural lighting, and brings life into each shot.










4.  Professional Video

If appropriate and applicable to your property, a custom created video can showcase your home in a unique and creative way. It gives a buyer the feeling of actually being in the home.


5.  Floor Plans

We measure and draw the footprint of your home and pass it off to our design team to create professional floor plans. The floor plans are included in all marketing materials, including the property website, brochures, and MLS. It gives buyers an opportunity to reference a home’s layout and also more easily identify renovation potential of a home (e.g., “we could remove this wall and it would be perfect.”) This is a very rare offering in the Indianapolis real estate market.

  • Over 1/3 of buyers said they were LESS likely to inquire about a property without a floor plan.

  • 1 in 5 buyers would ignore a listing that does not include real estate floor plans.

  • Adding a real estate floor plan to a property listing can increase click-throughs from buyers by 52%.



6. Virtual 3D Tours

The latest technology lets sellers provide buyers with an interactive online experience that’s more immersive than pictures alone. With new virtual 3D tours, buyers can digitally tour your home before stepping foot inside. Think of it like Street View on Google Maps, but inside your home!

Architectural photography and custom property videos are important pieces of a home listing, but a virtual 3D tour gives the buyer control to take a look at a home on their terms.




Key Concept: Driving Buyers to Us

Our marketing efforts are proactive and meant to drive inquiries from buyers to Brick & Corbett, your listing agents, – and not an agent that is not familiar with the house. This allows us to tell your home’s story, overcome objections or misunderstandings, and increases the chances of the potential buyer visiting the home.


7.  Custom Property Website

We construct a customized website for your home that provides another opportunity to create a premium brand around your home and a buyer experience that they associate with your property. We include the URL on all our advertising.

In addition to giving buyers easy access to the high-end photos, floor plans, and relevant information, the website also provides us and others we send it to the ability to easily share the listing across social media, email, etc., thus enhancing exposure of the property.

See an example at





8.  Coming Soon Marketing

Prior to a home officially going on the market, we like to start promoting it in order to generate a “buzz” about it. We’ve found that buyers often make stronger offers for “coming soon” homes because they don’t want to get into a bidding war with other buyers.

We’ll start pre-marketing a home up to 4 weeks before it officially goes on the market. This also helps to make neighbors aware of the sale in case they have a friend or co-worker who might want to move into the neighborhood.






9.  Social Media

Social media is how a lot of people receive their most vital information, including news and real estate. Therefore, we have an aggressive social media strategy when it comes to our listings. We promote our listings on our social media outlets, including Facebook and Instagram.








Key Concept: Only the Most Effective Marketing Channels

Through decades of experience and daily research, we know where buyers spend their time and the sources they trust when it comes to buying a home – and what they don’t pay attention to. We’ve meticulously discovered the marketing channels and tactics that work, which is why we invest our time, money and efforts to market homes the way we do. We’re constantly adopting to the channels where buyers actually shop for homes, which is now mostly online and through social media. While some other tactics work (like targeted print mailers, for example), you must be precise – or you’ll be wasting your money.




10.  Custom Marketing Materials

Although we focus a lot of our efforts on online presentation and advertising, the showing brochures and other marketing materials that buyers hold in their hands or see as they walk through the property greatly impacts the buyer’s impression of the home.

We hire an outside marketing firm to design and execute our marketing materials to ensure our print materials are unlike any other agents in the business. Whatever is exceptional about your property, we will make sure it’s communicated to the buyer in an intriguing way.










11. BLC & Online Advertising

More than 90% of homebuyers start their search online, so maximizing online exposure is key to our marketing strategy. We first distribute the listing to the Brokers Listing Cooperative (BLC) as it is the primary information source for all buyers’ agents and ultimately feeds the consumer websites, such as, Trulia, and Zillow.

Corbett & Co. Real Estate personally invests to be a Premier Agent on Zillow, giving our listings prominent advertising placement and an advantage to our sellers. Also, Keller Williams’ website ( is one of the most popular branded websites in Indianapolis and the country.









12.  Open Houses

We host open houses throughout the life of the listing as it promotes foot traffic and generates buzz about your property. Typically held on Sunday afternoons, open houses can reduce the disruption to a seller’s life caused by multiple showings at often inconvenient times because an open house encourages buyers to visit the property in one set time window.

To advertise our open houses, we use social media, the MLS, and all the major consumer websites.







13.  Showings

Inspiring showings is the goal for a lot of the above marketing efforts. It’s the time that buyers have a chance to really get a feel for the home and picture themselves living in it.

We attend all second showings to call the buyer’s attention to certain details and immediately address any objections or questions the buyer may have. We also strive to make the scheduling of showings as stress-free as possible, communicating through your preferred method. We can also block certain time windows that will not work for your family’s schedule.








Key Concept: Working with a Team of Specialists

We have dedicated real estate professionals working to sell your listing. Each professional adds their owner networks and separate active buyers, which means your listing will be maximized across our channels and contacts.





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